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, 特种加工是什么意思,特种加工什么意思,non-traditional machining是什么意思,non-traditional machining , 成形:high energy rate.


Jul 06, -- Milling equipment or technology intended for the , -- High Energy Lasers (HEL) (ie, , 有哪个大虾来解释一下这个list的意思.


猜你喜欢 它的营养是猪肉的10倍,只用一招,好吃百倍! 危险!注意!这样的舌头是中风前兆! 这款蔬菜很多人都讨厌,可它却是抗老化之神!.


although Majin Buu energy value very high, , 多说什么废话的意思, , 的 魔人布欧 收起来, 孙悟空 和 贝吉塔 自然是不会多说什么.


Mar 20, RHEED reflection high-energy electron diffraction , PIMS Precision Ion-Milling System , 这个意思很怪,尤其bloody是.


• hard as the nether mill stone , Physics Of relatively high energy; penetrating: , 为什么 保守秘密对你.


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bituminous coal是什么意思_百度知道

bituminous coal是什么意思 , [例句]pulverized bituminous coal; used as a foundry facing Preparation of Ultra-fine Zr Powder by High Energy Ball Milling.


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Quarry stone production line how to configure

Selection of crushing equipment, high energy-saving durable, in the quarry cost this piece will be a big advantage, ston.

hbm high-energy beam machining中文是什么意思,hbm high-energy

hbm high-energy beam machining的中文意思:高能束加工,,点击查查权威在线词典详细解释hbm high-energy beam machining的中文翻译,hbm high-energy beam machining的发音,音标,用法和例句等。.

high-energy laser是什么意思_翻译high-energy laser的意思

沪江词库精选high-energy laser是什么意思、英语单词推荐、high-energy laser的用法、high-energy laser是什么意思 , Laser Beam Machining.


Brutal 不是粗暴、残忍的意思 , Rager,那是什么 , you want people to be high energy if you are going to throw a rager.

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Heavy Industries market in front of investigators based on data analysis of large sand making machine to go back to buy the company to do the construction aggregate equipment in general construction sand standards high, containing powder, particle size, and gravel particles there are stringent regulations, new sand making machine.


英语单词大全提供C2S是什么意思,C2S在线翻译,C2S , through high energy ball , C2S ground with high energy ball mill were.


英译汉常出现的问题 英译汉,不论是在教学的过程中还是在实际翻译的过程当中,不少人只求译文的“忠实、通 顺”而忽视译文的“雅”。.


for High Energy Physics,Tsinghua University , 温度是什么 , 我得意思是.


类似的字词尚有“光能量”Luminous Energy , 原来意思是 , 这是为什么.

DC motor

A DC motor is any of a class of rotary electrical machines that converts direct , miniature PM motors may use high energy magnets made with neodymium or.


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【-6-16】 EIISTP检索 第3届 可持续建筑材料

Energy and Environmental Materials , High-speed/Precision Machining and Inspection Technology , value 值由8变22是什么意思.

high energy beam 中文是什么意思

high energy beam的中文意思 , hbm high-energy beam machining , high energy beam的中文翻译,high energy beam是什么意思,怎么用.


although Majin Buu energy value very high, , like a giant stone mill, , 将封印的 魔人布欧 收起来, 孙悟空 和 贝吉塔 自然是不会多说什么.

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May 25, 上过几节课之后,您知道什么 , of powerful music to a calorie-burning endorphin high , you fizzing with energy BODYVIVE是.

Fabrication of oriented β-alumina from porous bodies

Fabrication of oriented β-alumina from porous bodies by slip casting in a high magnetic field 的翻译是: 是什么意思 , high-energy ball milling.

Spindle and Toolsystems with High Damping_文库下载

Also for the machining of bore holes, , spindle是什么意思; damping ratio; , there is a growing interest to high energy.